Claiming Jesus and His Way Class with Rector

This class is for those who are new to the Christian tradition, new to the Episcopal Church, new to St. Luke’s and are seeking community and formation, seeking to affiliate more formally with the St. Luke’s community (i.e. you want to become a member), seeking a place to explore your faith and your questions more deeply, and longing to renew your faith. This class is also for those who have been around a long time who want to do this kind of exploration and formation together. While we will view faith through an Episcopal lens, the deeper goal is to help people live the radical way of Jesus. This class is for people who are living with lots of questions and pondering all manner of things.

The class runs on a tutorial approach meaning that we meet every month for discussion and you have something to read, watch, or listen to in between our meetings. There are some assignments along the way to help you clarify what you believe and to give you some framework as you seek to live the way of Jesus. For those who wish, at the end of this class, you are prepared to confirm your faith, reaffirm your faith, or to be received by the Bishop as a way to proclaim your sense of belonging in this community.

Most who participate in this class find it to be a rich, rich time of formation; many come back in following years to take it again.