Women’s Group

St. Luke’s Women’s Group

The St. Luke’s Women’s Group is comprised of women who attend the church and are interested in our goals. 

Each month our women’s group meets for socializing, study, spiritual growth, and activity planning. Our women’s group also plans retreat getaways throughout the year. This is an excellent way to form lasting friendships with the members of the church.

Our Meetings

We meet at 12:30 p.m. on the first Sunday of the month, excluding the months of July and December. Each November we hold an annual planning retreat on the first Saturday of the month. 

Our meetings are held at St. Luke’s in the solar shelter during warmer weather, and in the chapel when the weather gets colder. Make sure you are signed up for the St. Luke’s Weekly E-News for announcements about our monthly meetings and meeting locations. 

Our Mission

Our mission focuses on service, spirituality, social connection and spirituality.

What We Do

Our activities change each year, but all focus around our mission goals: service, spirituality, social connections, and study.

  • Bread of Life- ongoing
  • Beach trip- annual in late May
  • Book studies- on going throughout the year
  • Coffee klatsch- meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m.
  • Habitat for Humanity- as needed and as we are able

These are some examples of events that go on throughout the year. All women of St. Luke’s are invited to attend any event. For more information about the Women’s Group, please contact Yvonne Finne at yfinne@gmail.com

In return for participating in this terrific fellowship, you will receive friendship, love, support, and acceptance.