We draw on a rich and varied musical tradition at St. Luke’s. Those responsible for planning and leading our worship are not comfortable with any of the traditional labels that get applied to worship styles. They just don’t fit who we are and who we are opening to being. While we have these different expressions of music, we are one community. There is a great honoring of the breadth of our musical tradition at St. Luke’s and a great love of one another. For us, we always strive to be a both/and community, and not an either/or expression. There is too much good in the breadth and depth of our liturgical musical tradition to leave anything by the side of the road.

  • Music at 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist 

The music at this service draws on a wide variety of styles. The organ accompanies many of our hymns, but we also use piano, recorder, flute, guitar, African drum, violin, tambourines, and any other instrument we can think of. We sing pieces out of the Celtic tradition, the Gospel tradition, Taizé chant, songs out of other Christian traditions, songs from other parts of the world, as well as more traditional pieces out of the Anglican tradition.  In other words, the range of music is immense!

The music is led by our St. Luke’s Choir who rehearses on Wednesday evenings to prepare for Sunday worship. The range of contemporary hymnody and anthems have much to contribute to our worship experience, and we are not afraid to avail ourselves of this experience, but we also know there is so much of the more classical tradition that we also wish to retain and allow to speak to us in our day and time. The music offered at this service take us to a different space, a transcendent space, a space where, as the Celtic tradition says, the veil between heaven and earth is very, very thin. The music at this service can absolutely transport you to another realm. If you are interested in singing or playing an instrument, please contact Music Director James Lodin (

  • During the Summer – Music at 10:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist

During the summer, our St. Luke’s Choir takes a well-deserved break. We take this opportunity to have all kinds of special singers and musicians join us which gives our summer worship a wonderfully eclectic feel. In this service, we try to make space for the wonderful variety that makes up the St. Luke’s community.

One of the saints said that he who sings prays twice. At St. Luke’s, we find that to be true. Music takes us to the places that our hearts and souls long to go, and often, they can get there in no other way.